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Visit by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, to CyI


Photo: Dr Chrysanthia Leontiou, Prof. Jean Sciare, Mr Prodromos Prodromou, Dr Petros Kareklas, and Dr Terpsa Constantinidou

On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, Mr Prodromos Prodromou, along with the Director of the Department of Higher Education, Dr Terpsa Constantinidou, visited The Cyprus Institute’s premises in Athalassa to discuss ways to reinforce the existing collaboration as well as possible new areas of cooperation. The visit took place within the context of the Government’s intention to submit a new, updated legislative framework for tertiary education that will cover institutions such as The Cyprus Institute.

Hosting the meeting was CyI President, Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas in the presence of CyI Vice-President of Operations, Dr Michalis Yiangou, CyI Asst. Vice President of Strategy and Development, Dr Konstantinos Kleovoulou, CaSToRC Director, Prof. Constantia Alexandrou, CARE-C Director, Prof. Jean Sciare, STARC Assoc. Prof. Sorin Hermon, CARE-C Assoc. Prof., George Biskos, and CyI Head of the Office of Graduate Studies, Dr Chrysanthia Leontiou. Present at the meeting was also the President of the Association “Friends of The Cyprus Institute”, Dr Petros Kareklas.

In his greeting, Mr Prodromou noted that Cyprus is now becoming an international and regional knowledge and research hub, and his Ministry’s intention is to create a unique category within the framework for important research centers such as The Cyprus Institute, thus recognizing the postgraduate studies offered at these institutions”. At the same time, he highlighted that his Ministry is in the process of elaborating the proposals but also consulting with the interested institutions, with the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible arrangements.

Addressing the Minister, Prof. Papanicolas commented on the excellent collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the joint effort to harmonize the proposed legislative framework in order to highlight this specific aspect of higher education. “The educational and research centers can play an important role towards the sustainable development and restructuring of the economy at a wider regional level”, concluded Prof. Papanicolas.

Following a brief presentation on the Institute’s research and educational activities by Dr Michalis Yiangou and Dr Chrysanthia Leontiou, the Minister and the Director of the Dept. of Higher Education, were given a guided tour of CyI campus and Institute’s laboratories, including APAC, Environmental Archaeology, Virtual Environment, HPC and USRL facilities.

Finally, the Minister and the Director of the Department of Higher Education, expressed their thanks for the opportunity to visit, and congratulated the administration and the scientists of the Institute for the impressive, modern facilities and their research achievements.