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“Scientific Day” in honor of Prof. Herwig Schopper’s 90th birthday

The “Scientific Day” on Friday morning, 24 October has been a remarkable day at The Cyprus Institute to honor Prof. Herwig Schopper,  Former Director General of CERN and Honorary Trustee of The Cyprus Institute, on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Renowned personalities from the scientific world were present. Prof. C. Alexandrou, Institute Professor, The Cyprus Institute and Professor, University of Cyprus, welcomed all the guests. Speeches were given by:

Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas - President, The Cyprus Institute
Prof. Edouard Brézin - Chair, Board of Trustees, CREF
Prof. Albrecht Wagner - Former Chairman of the Board and Former Director General, DESY
Prof. Luciano Maiani - Former Director General, CERN
Prof. Emmanuel Tsesmelis - Senior Physicist, Director-General Unit, CERN
Prof. Khaled Toukan - Director, SESAME
Prof. Herwig Schopper

Image: Prof. Herwig Schopper during his address.

Herwig Schopper is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Hamburg. He served as Director General of CERN, Geneva and as Director of the DESY Laboratory, Hamburg. Prof. Schopper also served as President of the German and European Physical Societies. He was the first President of the International Interim Council of the SESAME International Laboratory, Jordan, and he has received numerous distinctions and awards including the Tate Medal of the American Institute of Physics, the UNESCO Albert Einstein Gold Medal and the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Institute was so privileged to have Prof. Schopper’s involvement and guidance to CyI creation and development from the very beginning. From 2000 to 2004 he participated in the initial planning for the establishment of The Cyprus Institute (CyI), and is now an Honorary Trustee. He was one of the architects of the Institute, member of the team of international scholars who, along with Ernest Moniz, Guy Ourisson, Frank Rhodes and Costas Papanicolas, for two years (2000 – 2002) labored and with the engagement of tens of international personalities devised the blueprint of what was to become The Cyprus Institute. His role as a founding Trustee for two consecutive terms and as the Chair of its Scientific Advisory Council was pivotal in ensuring the aspired levels of scientific excellence and success.  His imprint on the institute is everywhere.