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Andreas Sousanis

Andreas Sousanis

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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow +357 22 208 700

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Andreas' previous experience is based on both research and teaching. During his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, he followed gradual difficulty courses in fundamental sciences, such as physics and mathematics. While, he also followed courses related to the whole spectrum of materials science, studying from optics and mechanics, to electrical and structural properties of materials.  

His research experience so far is based on the development and characterization of materials for state-of-the-art technology applications. In particular, during his undergraduate thesis Andreas gained experience on the deposition (zonal furnaces and solid state reactions) of transition metal oxides and the study of their basic properties (optical and structural properties). Then, as a postgraduate student and research assistant, he worked on plasmonic structures between noble metals and transition metal oxides (matrix).

Andreas' doctoral dissertation aimed at supporting new technologies in the field of data storage, transistors (Beyond CMOS) and nano-sensors. Specifically, the purpose of the thesis was the deposition (using e-beam sublimation/evaporation) of high quality materials on various substrates, which materials exhibit a transition from the semiconductor to the metal state, when subjected to mechanical stress, at room temperature. Andreas' teaching experience is mainly based on the supervision and coordination of undergraduate theses.

Recently, he is working on the fabrication of metal nanoparticles, using spark ablation. These structures can be used for sensing and catalysis applications.