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Year-Round Internships


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Through the year- round Internship Program, The Cyprus Institute Graduate School aims to expose young talented students and scholars to an international research experience and to encourage and inspire them in the pursuit of a scientific career. Interns will have a unique opportunity to carry out research at the institute's state-of-the-art facilities supervised by a mentor and to be introduced to the use of the latest methods and techniques.  

During the application process, students will have the option to either: 

(1) select one project from the table below or
(2) suggest a project of interest*
*students who propose their own suggested project must note that this will be considered, provided that the institute has the capacity in terms of supervision and facilities 

Applications are welcome from candidates worldwide with a keen interest and a relevant scientific background. Students who are accepted to the program will be assigned to one project. 

Some of the projects may be offered remotely.

Program Length

The internships typically last up to 6 months, but this can be flexible.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:


Be undergraduate or graduate students or recent graduates with an excellent academic background and a strong interest in research (prior experience is considered an advantage)


Have strong communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to a multicultural/multinational environment


Have good knowledge of oral and written English

Application Process

Applications should be submitted through the online internship application.  The following supporting documents must be uploaded when filling out the online application:


Copy of national ID or passport


Curriculum Vitae 


University transcripts. All transcripts to date should be included.


English Language Proficiency Certificate. This may either be a letter from the student’s university verifying that their degree program is offered in English, or if the degree is not offered at an English- medium institution, students should provide a certificate verifying English language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, GCSE/IGCSE etc.).  If applicants have not taken any tests demonstrating English language proficiency and have not studied/ are not studying at an English-medium institution, they may state it on the application.

Students will need to write a 300- word statement in the online application explaining why they are a good candidate for the internship they are interested in pursuing at the Institute. Students will be assigned to one project.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Form

Click here to access the Internship Application Form

Financial Aid

The Cyprus Institute Graduate School Internship program focuses on providing students a unique training experience through bespoke projects related to applicant’s field of study and research interests thus are not considered to be job placements and do not come with compensation.

A limited number of the projects may provide a small stipend based on merit and availability of funds. This information is available under each project listing.  

Internship Projects

Thematic Domain  Digial Media and Communications
Project Title Digital Media and Communications at the Cyprus Institute Graduate School 
Start Date  As soon as possible (flexible) 
Duration 2 months 
Project Objectives  Assisting in the development of communications materials for social media. This task may include content creation, brainstorming social media campaigns, and identifying best practices across platforms.

Contributing to the management of the School’s social media platforms.

Help with managing and cataloging the GS’s digital asset archives with close attention to tags, permissions, and accessibility.

In collaboration with the Senior Web & Social Media Administrator the successful intern will contribute to the advancement of the ‘Education’ page on the CyI website taking into consideration website accessibility and new ways to engage our audience.

Contributing to the improvement of the GS schools’ dissemination strategies and its dissemination material.

Background Requirements  Studies in Digital Media and Communications, Marketing, Digital content management, or other related fields

Experience/interest in photo/video/writing/editing

Experience in Social Media management will be considered as an advantage

Excellent knowledge of the English language both verbal and writing. Knowledge of Greek will be considered an advantage.

High interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team

Strong organizational skills
Project Mentor  Dr. Chrysanthia Leontiou
Other staff involved Communications Office 
Financial Aid Available No
Thematic domain Innovation
Project title  Innovation Internship
Remote option This internship can be carried out remotely
Start date September 1
Duration 6 months
Project Objectives

The selected candidate(s) will work on the deployment of solutions based on novel science-towards-technology applications that revolve around cutting-edge research in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Earth System Modelling.

To this end, the selected candidate(s) will have the opportunity to work with and be trained by leading experts in these areas, as well as an internationally acclaimed group in innovation and tech transfer.

These positions will primarily be evaluated on talent and long-term potential. On completion of the internship and based on a subsequent evaluation, the position can be extended to full-time with potential benefits including stock options and flexible work policies in one of the Cyprus Institute spin-out startups.

Profile 1 (Software Engineer):

  • Back and front-end application development
  • Motivation to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, if not knowledgeable at time of application
  • Strong attention to detail

Profile 2 (Business Analyst):

  • Business model development and validation
  • Willingness to work in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Strong attention to detail

It is not required, but desirable qualifications/skills include:

  • Previous experience with startups or the startup environment
  • Strong programming skills, familiarity with Deep Learning frameworks (Profile 1)
  • Experience with business plan development (Profile 2)
Expected results
  1. Deployment of solutions based on novel science-towards-technology applications
  2. Software development (Full stack web services) (Profile 1 only)
  3. Business plan development (Profile 2 only)
  4. Participation in startup events
Project mentor Asst. Prof. Mihalis Nicolaou
Other CyI staff involved Asst. Prof. Theodoros Christoudias
Background requirements

Last year of bachelor or having obtained a BSc already

  • Computer Science/Engineering, Maths, Statistics or Physics (Profile 1)
  • Business, Economics or Management, MBA (Profile 2)
Financial aid available  A stipend will be offered
Thematic Domain Concentrated Socal Thermal (CST) systems
Project Title  Modelling the PROTEAS CST Solar Tower
Remote Option Yes
Start Date Flexible (preferred mid-October)
Duration 12 weeks (flexible)
Project Objectives (1) Develop Modelica models of the PROTEAS solar tower testing facility of increasing degrees of sophistication. (2) Use these models to simulate experimental tests already carried out at PROTEAS. (3) Assess the accuracy of the models’ predictions with respect to the measured tests results.
Expected Results The intern will gain a strong understanding of how to: (1) develop both empirical and physical models of the main components of a CST solar tower system; (2) implement them in the Modelica language, and (3) use experimental data to validate software models.
Project Mentor Dr. Kypros Milidonis
Other CyI Staff Involved Dr. Marios C. Georgiou, Dr. Alaric Montenon
Backgound Requirements

Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering, students, preferably on their two final years of their Bachelor or diploma degree.

Good knowledge on Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Mathematics (particularly Differential Equations).

Knowledge of computer programming.

Good knowledge of English.

Students with more qualifications are welcome while students within the first years of their study can be also considered.

Financial Aid Available No
Thematic Domain  Innovation and Enterpreneurship
Project Title  U-SOLVE: Urban Sustainable Development SOLutions Valuing Enterpreneurship
Remote Option No
Start Date Flexible (until 14 October 2023)
Duration 6 months (with possible extension of additional 6 months)
Project Objectives

To create economic opportunities and jobs through a model of urban development based on new entrepreneurship and MSMEs innovation, addressing sustainable development challenges.

  --To Dynamize and modernize urban business ecosystems in the med region, identifying the ecosystem’s strengths, detecting functions and connections and potentialities for growth and designing some measures to develop it for the creation and the growth of new enterprises.

  --To Create impact entrepreneurship and employment in emerging social and environmental markets, based upon innovation and sustainable development principles, promoting youth and female entrepreneurship and participation to a co-planned model of resilient economic growth of the urban areas.

  --To Experiment a model of Sustainable Urban Metabolism based on entrepreneurial governance through the creation of urban hubs, which will also enhance the innovation policy formation and promote access to finance for innovative new companies.

Expected Results 

1) Number of trainings provided to youths graduates or equivalent (24- 35 years old) and/or women (all ages) = 20 trainings/300 trainee

2) Number of entrepreneurial ideas identified in the scouting stage and supported = 60 projects

3) Volume of risk capital (in euro) raised by hubs and startups accelerators = 240k euro

4) Number of entrepreneurs that successfully launched new ventures/projects in a creative sector = 30

5) Number of trainings for public authorities and brokers (e.g. technology transfer offices located at Universities) that are aimed at the development of new services (e.g. Support for Proof of concept projects) = 300 training days

6) Number of youths and women participating in training activities and business meetings = 300 
Project Mentor Dr. Anixi Antonakoudi
Other CyI Staff Involved Dr. Fabio Montagnino
Background Requirements 1) BSc in Business-related, science-related fields.
2) Strong technical and business writing skills.
3) High level of communication and interpersonal skills.
4) High level of organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills.
Financial Aid Available Yes
Project Title  Portal for heritage buildings integration into the contemporary built environment 
Remote Option This project cannot be offered remotely 
Start Date 5 September 2022 (the dates are flexible)
Duration Up to 6 months (extension must go through approval process) 
Project Objectives The project “Portal for heritage buildings integration into the contemporary built environment” (PERIsCOPE) aims to design and develop an innovative platform for the identification, classification, documentation and renovation of heritage buildings which can be exploited by a variety of stakeholders related to the conservation and retrofit activities.

More information about the project at

The successful candidate will support the cultural heritage management of the assets studied by the project consortium, contribute to the day to day activities of the local partners and assist in the dissemination and outreach activities of the partnership.  
Expected Results The successful candidate will be expected to support the main researchers of the project in their daily routines with respect to:

-- Data collection

-- Literature review

-- Support of research activities within the Virtual Environments Lab

The successful candidate is not required to hold a degree in archaeology. Applicants from all across the humanities are encouraged to apply.

For more information you may contact Assist. Professor Georgios Artopoulos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Project Mentor Dr George Artopoulos
Other CyI staff involved Marissia Deligiorgi, Regas Georgiou, Kristis Alexandrou
Background Requirements Applicants must have:

-- Strong analytical and organizational skills

-- High interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team

-- Excellent knowledge of English, both verbal and writing

-- Willingness to learn

-- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multi-task

-- Strong team spirit, organizational and time management skills

-- Attention to detail and ability to work under pressure

Interns are encouraged to apply provided they can be physically present on a daily basis at CyI throughout the duration of the internship. The time spent will vary from 1-5 hours per day.
Financial Aid Available  None


For more information, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at tel: +357 22 208614 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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