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Impact and Policy

The Impact and Policy department is dedicated to pursuing multi- and cross-disciplinary research on societal challenges (environmental health, food security, water availability) requiring regional and local solutions. It will develop an inclusive “dialogue forum”- a platform where national and regional stakeholders can discuss science-based practical solutions to challenges related to air quality and climate change. The Impact and Policy department is new for the Centre and its relationship interconnections with the other research areas are currently seen as a new research avenue with few equivalents in Europe and none in the EMME region.

Activities performed under the Impact and Policy department will include: health impact assessments, the development of methodologies to support the implementation of national action plans for climate change adaptation, impact assessments for key economic sectors, impact of mitigations scenarios with cost-benefits analyses, and legal and policy issues. These activities will also be tailored to address the needs of national and regional public stakeholders in complying with EU climate and air quality directives and international protocols on climate and air pollution.

The Cyprus government has pledged to provide strong support to research activities to be conducted by the Impact and Policy department, through an official announcement made by Cyprus’s president, Nicos Anastasiades in Natura Communication on June 2018. To ensure the prosperity and future development of this new department, its research activities will also be supported by several mechanisms and measures, such as:

  • A Professorship Programme to inter-connect top EMME research institutions and develop a regional science and policy strategy on climate change.
  • The International Policy Advisory Board composed by prominent regional international stakeholders who will facilitate the transfer of scientific results and supports their translation into national policy options.
  • The boost project “Science Training for Journalists - Crafting Awareness and Demanding Public Opinion”.
  • The “Climate Change in the Mediterranean and the Middle East: Challenges and Solutions” to take place every two years.
  • The master programme in environmental and sustainable development focusing on societal topics of importance in the EMME region
  • The coordination of a regional cluster and strategic regional initiatives

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