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Financial Support

The Cyprus Institute offers financial support to prospective students based on various selection criteria depending on the type of award. The financial support may be offered as a scholarship, research assistantship or work-study or a combination of any of these types of support. All types of support are offered subject to availability of funds.


Financial Support for Master's & PhD Students


The Cyprus Institute offers full or partial scholarships to outstanding students to cover tuition and other fees and/or living expenses.

Selection Criteria
These awards are granted based on academic merit.

Scholarship Amounts & Duration
Scholarships offered currently are the following:

  Tuition Scholarships 
Tuition Scholarships will cover tuition fees and may be partial or full scholarships
  Dean’s Distinguished Scholarships 
  Graduate School Scholarships
Scholarships that may assist students with their living expenses


The research assistantship position enables students to work as members of a research group in one of the Institute’s research projects through an effective arrangement for graduate study and professional training. Work on the student’s thesis may be considered as part of the Research Assistant assignment. Research Assistants are considered members of research groups or units in one of the Institute’s Centers, working under a Supervisor.

Selection Criteria
Research Assistantships are offered based on academic merit, the alignment between the Institutes’ research activities and the students' reseach projects.

General Terms of the Research Assistantship
Research Assistantships are offered for the nine-month academic year, a three-month summer appointment, or for twelve months and are reviewed and renewable based on the students’ performance in their studies and their research project, and the available funding opportunities of the research groups. Research Assistants are appointed as part time employees with a salary and are eligible to join the CyI Health Insurance plan.


Specific Research Assistantships

A.G. Leventis Research Assistantship in Archaeological Science 



The work-study scheme is designed to provide the opportunity to doctoral students who need financial assistance to be self-reliant and also to gain valuable work experience. Through this scheme, students undertake several administrative, operational, and teaching or research-related tasks for the Institute. Work study can be offered as Research Studentships, Teaching Assistantships or Administrative Assistantships.

Selection Criteria
Work-study positions are offered on the basis of students’ qualifications and availability of funds. 
Employment Terms
Students who are awarded a Research Studentship will also be employed on a part-time basis and will receive a stipend. Students who work as Teaching Assistants or Administrative Assistants are appointed on a part-time basis with a contract of employment and a respective salary. 

Other Financial Aid Opportunities / Current Available PhD Projects

See list of special funding opportunities below. Please note that the list of projects below is not exhaustive and more available projects exist. Potential PhD applicants are encouraged to contact potential supervisors at the Institute before they apply to discuss their project of interest.

PhD in Energy, Environment and Atmospheric Sciences (Nanomaterial Synthesis for Gas Sensing Applications)
PhD in Energy, Environment and Atmospheric Sciences (Research Project: Coupling Climate Change to Urban Regeneration for Spatial and Temporal Variable Heat Mitigation Measures)



Cyprus Government Student Grant

Students may check to see whether they are eligible for a grant offered by the Cyprus government to students pursing their higher education in Cyprus.  Details can be found on the Ministry of Education and Culture website dedicated to this topic.


Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation Grant

As an institution of higher education accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, CyI students may be eligible to apply for a Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation grant. Interested students are encouraged to check whether they meet the eligibility criteria of the foundation in order to apply. For details and the application see: Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation website.