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EEWRC actively pursues a comprehensive outreach program in its areas of expertise to increase awareness for science and technology amongst the public of Cyprus and other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Cyprus Institute and EEWRC have embarked on two major outreach activities primarily addressing young people.

  • A Solar Vehicle Race, the first of its kind in Cyprus, carried out with great success first in Nicosia in 2010 and on a much larger scale in Paphos in 2011 and 2012. The Challenge participants comprised of local teams from high schools, technical schools and Universities across the island as well as international teams. Unlike most race cars, solar cars are designed with severe energy constraints imposed by the race regulations. These rules limit the energy used to only that collected from solar radiation. These vehicles represent the green future since they have no fossil fuel engine. All information for the 2012 Solar Car Challenge, including photos and video, is available on our special Solar Car Challenge webpage.
  • An environmental monitoring activity, where students from schools around Cyprus have participated in the construction and piloting of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that can be used to detect and monitor signs of global climate change in the coastal waters of Cyprus.The aim was to teach young students the basic skills in ship and submarine design and to encourage them to improve their science, technology and engineering skills.