Natascia Manderioli

Natascia Manderioli

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Head of Health and Safety +357 22 208 603

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Eng. Manderioli graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Building Engineering with a specialization in Recovery and Restoration. Since 2002, she collaborated with an engineering office in Milan where she worked for various State Agencies and large companies (Poste Italiane SPA, Telecom Italia SPA, TIM SPA, ANAS SPA, etc.).
In these years, Eng. Manderioli develops an interest in the topic of Health and Safety in the workplace, which becomes her primary field of professional activity. After graduation, she started working for the Italian Public Administration as a consultant. This activity led her to work on the whole Italian territory, and her primary activities were the management of safety on construction sites, management of safety in offices and schools, and training activities related to these themes.

During these years, Eng. Manderioli has deepened her expertise in the field of Health and Safety and obtained a second Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Safety Engineering and Civil Protection. In 2017, she became the Health and Safety coordinator of the Department of Structural Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway). Since 2020, Eng. Manderioli holds the position of Head of the Health and Safety Office of The Cyprus Institute (Cyprus).

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