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Jonilda Kushta

Jonilda Kushta

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Research Scientist +357 22 208 693

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Dr. Jonilda Kushta received her B.Sc. in Physics, M.Sc. in Environmental Physics / Meteorology and PhD in Meteorology / Atmospheric Modeling from the University of Athens, Greece in 2002, 2006 and 2014 respectively. Currently a Research Scientist, she joined CyI in 2015, to work on atmospheric modeling, air pollution processes and health impacts. She has participated in more than twenty (20) international and national projects related to emissions, atmospheric processes, air pollution and climate change.
At the Cyprus Institute she has served as Scientific Leader and Project Manager for the “Modelling of Emissions, Trends and Air Quality using satellite measurements” ESA PECS META-Sat Project, CyI-Principal Investigator (PI) for the CoCO2 EU-funded project (under Grant Agreement 958927) for the development of a Prototype System for a Copernicus CO2 Service coordinated by ECMWF, Scientific Manager of the BIGER World Bank Group collaboration project with Egypt on the assessment of biogenic and geogenic emissions over Greater Cairo Area and Egypt, Work Package leader in the Assessment of Climate change Effects on Pollution Transport in Cyprus (ACCEPT) project EEA and Norway Grants 2018, Hop On Partner PI for the “Attributing and Verifying European and National Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Emissions and Reconciliation with Statistical Bottom-up estimates” (AVENGERS) Research and innovation project funded under the Horizon Europe Programme of the European Union, call “Climate sciences and Responses”, HORIZON-CL5-2022-D1-02.
She coordinates the Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gases Emissions Compilation and Reporting Team of CARE-C/IPD (Impacts and Policy Department) that support national stakeholders in their reporting obligations of air pollutants and GHG emissions, and leads also the Emissions and Regional Air Quality Modelling research team of CARE-C/EPD (Environmental Predictions Department).
Dr. Kushta has more than 60 publications in peer review journals.

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