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Pantelis Kiriakidis

Pantelis Kiriakidis

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Research Assistant +357 22 397 553

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Pantelis Kiriakidis has graduated with a BSc in Geophysics at Imperial College London (2018), where he has carried out a number of field trips aimed at the identification of geophysical features of the subsurface. During his dissertation project he has employed Python and Linux software packages to quantify and map velocity and strain rates of the Cocos tectonic plate.

In 2019 he graduated with an MSc in Environmental Technology with Energy Policy at Imperial College London, where he undertook several modules ranging from environmental economics to low-carbon technologies for energy generation. This has enriched his background in the transition of the heat, electricity, transport and agricultural sectors into low-Carbon pathways.  He has competed and awarded 1st place in the Climathon 24-hour competition, Nicosia (2019), where together with his team they have proposed the creation of green rooftops for the reduction of C02, dust and NOx particulates.

Research Interests

  • Energy Communities, synergies between municipalities and local residencies for low-Carbon electricity and heat provision.
  • Eurasia interconnector and its potential for increasing solar PVs market penetration while lowering the required investment in Li-ion batteries.
  • Electric Vehicles combined with a Smart Grid allowing for Vehicle-to-Grid agents as an electricity DSM strategy.
  • The arrival of natural gas in the electricity system of the Republic of Cyprus and the accompanied change in RES investments.
  • Green Rooftops, their potential in improving air quality and creating ecological pathways.