Ergun Bey

Ergun Bey

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Ergun completed his undergradute ‘Environmental science with a year in industry degree’ at the University of York. Following his undergradute degree, he also completed a master of research at the University of York. Both undergraduate and master of research projects were related to atmosphere and ocean science topics. While doing the master of research, Ergun became a graduate teaching assistant at the Environment department of the University of York. Ergun gave lectures in modules such as atmosphere and ocean science, Energy and Environment, Pollution Monitoring, Assessment & Control and Ecosystem Processes modules. At the University of York Environment department, he was also culturing marine phytoplankton and delivered laboratory teaching for second and third year undergraduate students.  

Ergun recently started an internship at the Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory of the Cyprus institute. After the internship, he plans to start a PhD at the Cyprus institute.