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Christos Xenofontos

Christos Xenofontos

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PhD Student / Graduate Research Fellow  

Christos Xenofontos holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London. His BSc Physics thesis focused on Sonoluminescence: Generating light from acoustically driven bubbles. He holds an MSc in Physics from Imperial College London. His MSc Physics thesis focused on inertial stability and the behaviour of tropical cyclones. He completed an MSc in Planetary Science at UCL. His MSc Planetary Science thesis focused on simulating the performances of the James Webb Space Telescope and ARIEL in probing the atmospheres of planets in the Radius Gap.

He is a PhD student in Energy, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences at the Cyprus Institute. He is in the Environmental Predictions Department (EPD) of CARE-C. He obtained a Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) Fellowship. His research is focused on new particle formation in the upper troposphere over the Asian Monsoon region and the Amazon rainforest. He is a CLOUD-DOC Early Stage Researcher. Secondments at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and CERN (CLOUD experiment).

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