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Tuuli Lehmusjarvi

Tuuli Lehmusjarvi

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PhD Student / Graduate Research Fellow +357 22 208 700
Tuuli joined the Climate and Atmospheric Research Centre (CARE-C) of The Cyprus Institute as a PhD student in October 2023. She will do her PhD degree jointly together with the University of Helsinki and The Cyprus Institute. She will be working on the ongoing research project "BAE: The Role of Base Molecules in AErosol Formation", as well as studying the sources and the formation of organic aerosol precursors related to the new particle formation in Cyprus. 
Tuuli received her Bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Helsinki in 2020. In 2022 she graduated with an MSc in Atmospheric Sciences from the study track of Aerosol physics at the University of Helsinki. Her master's thesis title was "Observations of highly oxygenated organic molecules in the high Arctic", and the research presented in the thesis concluded for the first time the link between VOC (volatile organic compounds) HOM (highly oxygenated organic molecules) measured in the same Arctic location. During her studies, she worked also as a research assistant at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) (2018-2021), and during this time she was involved in many field campaigns focused on measuring aerosol precursor gases in pristine locations.

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