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Minas Iakovides

Minas Iakovides

Position Email Telephone
Associate Research Scientist +357 22 208 722

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Dr. Minas Iakovides (h-index: 10; citations >1,100) has received his PhD from University of Crete, Greece (2013-2016) in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, and currently holds the position of Associate Research Scientist at CARE-C’s Environmental Chemistry Lab (ECL) since mid-2019. He has been working as research technician with joint contracts from the Departments of Chemistry and Medicine-University of Crete (2009-2014), as a post-doctoral researcher at Chemistry Department-University of Crete (mid 2016-mid 2017), and research technical specialist at Faculty of Chemical Analysis (FCA)-Energy Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) (mid 2017-mid 2019).

His main research interests include i) chemical analysis and characterization of semi-volatile organic, and inorganic pollutants in atmospheric aerosols, soil and drinking water by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry; ii) identification of their emission sources and chemical processes in the atmosphere, water and terrestrial environments; and iii) estimation of their toxic impacts on human health by applying exposure tools in risk assessment.

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