Florin Unga

Florin Unga

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Post-Doctoral Fellow +357 22 208 780

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Dr Florin Unga is a postdoctoral fellow in experimental atmospheric science at the Cyprus Institute since August 2018. He received his PhD in atmospheric physics and chemistry from the University of Lille, France, focusing on the investigation of atmospheric aerosol mixing state effect on measured and retrieved optical characteristics: an approach integrating individual particle analysis (analytical electron microscopy: SEM/EDX and TEM/EDX), remote sensing (LIDAR and sun-photometers) and numerical simulations (Mie and T-matrix codes).

Prior to joining the institute, Florin finished a post-doc at the Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique (LOA), University of Lille, studying the climatology and seasonal trends on short/long time periods of retrieved atmospheric aerosols microphysical and optical properties, and of the boundary layer height derived from passive and active remote sensing measurements.

His current work involves active participation in national and international field measurements campaigns (on site, mobile and airborne) involving aerosol remote sensing and in-situ instrumentation, for interdisciplinary studies on the physicochemical properties of atmospheric aerosols and their effects on optical and radiative properties.