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Stelios Erotokritou

Stelios Erotokritou

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Computing Support Specialist +357 22 208671

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Stelios received his BSc in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus. He continued his studies at University College London (UCL) with MSc studies in Networking and PhD studies in the field of Cryptography.

His PhD studies were partly funded by British Telecom (BT) and focused on Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Protocols (PSMT) and their Applications. Such research looks at how one can achieve Information Security of message transmission when the imminent use of exascale and quantum computing could possibly break the security of current cryptographic algorithms which are based on unproven assumptions and computational difficulty. Instead, PSMT is based on mathematical proofs and achieves security which (when implemented correctly) can never be broken. Furthermore, his studies also looked at the feasibility of implementing (beyond theory) such protocols on networks which exist in the real world - such as the Internet.

Despite existence of implementation capability, it is not possible in the current global configuration of the Internet. This is something that should be changed to prevent network attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service and this was something that was looked into briefly - although future research could look into this further.

During his time at BT, Stelios also looked at Security in Cloud Data Centres and was the main contributor to a BT patent which addressed outstanding issues in data protection, data shredding and data recovery or availability of service during loss of data centre nodes due to major faults or on-going forensic investigations Stelios joined The Cyprus Institute in September 2011 in a computing support specialist role - mainly working in PRACE 1IP and PRACE 2IP projects and also contributing in LinkSCEEM.


Research Interests

  • Anonymity, Network Security, Algorithmic Design and Computer Architecture.
  • Towards Usable and Secure Internet Voting (TO BE SUBMITTED)
  • Making Code Voting Secure against Insider Threats using Unconditionally Secure MIX Schemes and Human PSMT Protocols
  • Planar Primes