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Andreas Hadjigeorgiou

Andreas Hadjigeorgiou

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Ph.D. Student +357 99839383

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Andreas joined the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Centre (CaSToRC) of the Cyprus Institute in October 2019, as a Ph.D. in Computational Science student. His project deals with the Inversion of Seismic Data using numerical methods and is in cooperation with the Delphi Consortium (Delft University of Technology).  Before this, he studied in Cyprus, at the University of Cyprus where he completed a BSc in Physics (2014 – 2018).  His final year project was in the field of Condensed Matter Physics with the title “The Wave-function of the Collapsing Bose-Einstein Condensate”.

Afterward, Andreas completed an MSc in High-Performance Computing at the University of Edinburgh (2018 – 2019). His MSc dissertation involved the parallelization of algorithms using the hybrid MPI+X model. In this model, the idea is to combine both shared and distributed memory approaches. For distributed memory programming we used the MPI Library and for shared either OpenMP or MPI-3.0 Shared Memory model.