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Gregoris Spanoudes

Gregoris Spanoudes

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Post-Doctoral Fellow +357 22 208 700

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Gregoris Spanoudes is a Postdoctoral Fellow for lattice QCD at the CaSToRC of the Cyprus Institute. He received a Bachelor degree in Physics from University of Cyprus in 2015, ranking first in his graduating physicists’ class and second University-wide. Also, he received a PhD degree in Physics with a specialization in Theoretical Particle Physics from University of Cyprus in 2019. During 2019-2021, he has worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Teaching Instructor at the Department of Physics, University of Cyprus.

His research lies in the area of Hadronic Physics, studied in the context of Lattice QCD. His work focuses on the study of the perturbative and nonperturbative renormalization for a number of quark and gluon composite operators entering in the investigations of the internal structure of hadrons on the lattice. His research activities include the construction of appropriate renormalization schemes, which are applicable to the lattice Monte-Carlo simulations, the extraction of the matching coefficients to a continuum reference scheme used in the analysis of experimental data, and the elimination of systematic errors in numerical simulations by subtracting one-loop discretization effects, calculated in lattice perturbation theory to all orders in the lattice spacing.

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