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Andreas Athenodorou

Andreas Athenodorou

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Computational Scientist (Post-Doc) +357 22 208 751

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Andreas Athenodorou graduated from the Physics Department at the University of Cyprus in 2004 and pursued doctoral studies in Theoretical Particle Physics at the University of Oxford with Dr. Michael Teper. His doctoral studies focused on the Large-N limit of SU(N) Gauge Theories and more specifically on the effective string theoretical description of the SU(N) flux-tube using Lattice Gauge Theory simulations.

Andreas held postdoctoral positions at DESY Zeuthen under the guidance of Professor Rainer Sommer, at Swansea University under the guidance of Professor Biagio Lucini and at the University of Cyprus under the guidance of Professor Constantia Alexandrou. In addition he worked as a fixed term Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the University of Cyprus teaching undergraduate courses.

Andreas is now a post-doctoral fellow at The Cyprus Institute. He is a work package leader in the Vi-SEEM consortium.

His research interests include Theoretical Particle Physics, Lattice Gauge Theories, Large-N Gauge Theories, Hadron Structure and Beyond the Standard Model Physics as well as Computational Physics, High Performance Computing, Data Science and Machine Learning in Sciences.

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