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Teodor Nikolov

Teodor Nikolov

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PhD Student +357 22 208 700

Teodor Nikolov is currently completing his Master's degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge with focus on numerical analysis and fluid dynamics. He graduated with a BSc in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh where he studied courses covering all major topics in modern theoretical physics as well as algorithms used in simulations of wide range of physical systems. He is currently interested in numerical algorithms for scientific computing.

His interest in the field stems from his work on University projects involving simulations of 1D quantum systems and the Solar system. In the summer of 2014 he completed an internship in the “Scientific Software” division at Diamond Light Source, UK's national synchrotron science facility, working on a project titled “Acceleration of data processing and error calculations”. In his spare time Teodor enjoys hiking, mountain biking, chess, martial arts and reading. Teodor has been selected for the position of ESR 15 with joint degree awarding Institutions Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW) and The Cyprus Institute (CyI). The project entitled "Communication efficient iterative linear solvers" is supervised by Prof. Andreas Frommer and Prof. Constantia Alexandrou