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The Cyprus Institute offers opportunities for internships to graduate and undergraduate students.

Since 2009 CaSToRC runs summer projects mainly for local students but also for student from the Eastern Mediterranean who were funded through LinKSCEEM. Researchers of the Simulation Lab engage in teaching the students to access Cy-Tera and other supercomputers in Europe and to develop simulation codes. Parallel programing and using graphics cards form an integral part of the training. Students form Physics, Computer Science and Engineering have attended summer projects.

Summer of HPC

As a member of PRACE, The Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center of the Cyprus Institute supports applications of summer students for projects in High Performance Computing (HPC) under PRACE’s Summer for HPC program. During the summer, students from across Europe can spend several months working on projects related to PRACE scientific or industrial work using large-scale computation.

CaSToRC has been participating in this program starting in 2015 and for ten consequent years is hosting PRACE students who will be training by scientists in the Simulation Laboratory in in optimizing codes for the current supercomputers such as Blue Gene/Q supercomputer and for NVIDIA GPUs.

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