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Major Past Projects

The FP7 infrastructure project LinkSCEEM that ended in 2015 help established the CaSToRC as a regional computational center for the Eastern Mediterranean. Through the coordination of the €3 million project, CaSToRC organized 64 training events in Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey reaching a total of over 1500 scientists.  CaSToRC personnel trained in High Performance Computing (HPC) help spread the know-how to the region.

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EEGAMD: Energy Efficient Graphics Algorithms for Mobile Devices

Software applications featuring 3D content and advanced imaging capability have become a crucial aspect of all portable devices (e.g. smartphones, PDAs, tablets, etc.) and therefore the need for improving the energy-saving capabilities of these devices is becoming more apparent. While advances in hardware architecture are achieved, energy-aware software and specifically 3D applications are less commonplace. In this project we will develop energy-aware techniques that allow sophisticated multimedia applications to run on existing mobile devices more efficiently, thus extending the duration the host devices can run on their batteries. Complex multimedia applications are faced with major technological challenges when running on mobile devices where energy is limited. In fact, the trend is for battery capacities to be increasing at a much slower rate than the energy requirements for mobile applications especially with the increased sophistication and rising energy demands of multimedia applications. Energy efficiency is the priority for mobile devices because they are typically powered by batteries and have limited energy resources. The mobile device industry, one of the fastest growing in consumer electronics, is looking for ways to drastically reduce the energy needed to drive their devices.


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Additional Info

  • Acronym: EEGAMD
  • Center: CaSToRC
  • Funding Source: Research Promotion Foundation
  • CyI Funding: 62,720€ (Total Project Budget: 160,275 €)
  • Funding Period: 18 months
  • Starting Date: October 2013
  • End Date: March 2015
  • Coordinator: A.R.M.E.S. Ltd
  • Partners:

    A.R.M.E.S. Ltd, University of Cyprus, The Cyprus Institute