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Colloquium: Cyber Situational Awareness - An insight Tool Towards Effective Defence

Event Details:

  • Date:       Thursday 22 March 2018
  • Time:      16:00 - 17:00
  • Venue:    The Cyprus Institute – Guy Ourisson Building, Seminar Room, 1st Floor, Athalassa Campus
  • Speaker: Dr Eliana Stavrou, Course Leader, MSc Cybersecurity, UCLan Cyprus
* The colloquium will be in English, the event is open to the public, light refreshments will be served after the talk.

Cyber situational awarenessTechnological advances such as the Internet of Things, mobile and cloud computing, are transforming cyberspace and affect the way we communicate and do business. In this digital word, cyber threats are highly increasing, impacting individuals and organizations. The impact from a successful attack can be devastating, ranging from financial losses, to productivity loss, to reputation damage, etc. Organizations are called to deal with the evolving threat landscape and successfully protect information and business services from compromisation. Protecting the perimeter is no longer sufficient and organizations need a holistic approach to effectively protect their business. Cyber situational awareness can assist organizations to understand what is happening in their environment and to build a holistic view of the relevant threats and vulnerabilities, leading to informed decisions and effective defence. This talk will focus on the key research areas that should be part of cyber situational awareness, forming an insight tool towards effective defence. 

About the Speaker
Dr Eliana Stavrou is a lecturer at the Computing Department at UCLan Cyprus, leading the MSc Cybersecurity programme. She is also the Founder and Director of the Applied Cybersecurity Research Lab and a member of InSPIRE (Interdisciplinary Science Promotion & Innovative Research Exploration) Center. She holds a BSc, MSc in Advanced Internet Technologies and a PhD in Cybersecurity from the University of Cyprus. Dr. Stavrou is also an Oxford Martin Associate at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, based at the Oxford Martin School,  and a member in a number of committees organizing Penetration Testing Competitions.

Her research interests include the protection of critical infrastructures, security in the IoT, intrusion recovery and threat profiling. She has also a strong interest in cyber security education, training and capabilities development. She has developed the syllabus of a number of security related modules and she has prepared relevant educational material. Dr. Stavrou is leading and delivering training workshops on specialized cybersecurity topics to diverse audiences (e.g. young people, policy makers, high-level executives, IT personnel, etc.). She has also developed and delivered training sessions to national and EU governmental and other organizations.

She has published a number of scientific papers at premier international journals and conferences and has supervised several MSc students focusing on topics in the context of cybersecurity capabilities development. She has been the author/co-author and prime investigator of a number of successful ICT and cybersecurity-related R&D proposals funded by FP5, FP6, FP7, EUREKA, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Trade, under the Programme for Business Innovation. Some of these projects include: ASPIDA, SKINIKO, PKI academic pilot, UNITE, 4GOPEN, LocMe, e-MINDER, DITIS, etc.

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Additional Info

  • Date: Thursday 22 March 2018
  • Time: Starts: 16:00
  • Speaker: Dr Eliana Stavrou
  • Speaker Position: Course Leader, MSc Cybersecurity, UCLan Cyprus