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International World Water Day 2016 Event

Event Details:

  • Date: 19 March 2016, Begins 10:00
  • Location: Tamassos Dam, Pera Orinis

International World Water Day is an annual event designated by the United Nations in 1993 as a means of celebrating and focusing attention on the importance of freshwater, and advocating for how we can sustainably manage our water in the future. It is also an opportunity for people to learn more about water-related issues, be inspired to tell others, and take action to make a difference.

Cyprus World Water Day 2016 event will be held by ACTIVATE Nonprofit Arts Organization in collaboration with the ‘Energy, Environment and Water Research Center’ of The Cyprus Institute, and with the support of the Community Council of Pera Orinis. It will be an opportunity to increasing people's awareness of the importance of water in life and in the environment, and to focus attention on how we manage the water of our own country in the future.

As is characteristic of the semi-arid countries of the Mediterranean, one of the dilemmas facing Cyprus today is that of limited water supplies in the face of both a steadily increasing water demand, and the future impacts of climate change in our region. In this context, continued efforts are needed to communicate the value of this resource and the concerns presented by current realities, so that the public’s familiarity with the issues may be strengthened.

Through the European-funded BeWater Project, the water researchers of The Cyprus Institute are striving to create awareness among the general public on the critical need for new sustainable water management strategies, and more specifically, regarding how river basins must prepare and adapt to climate through new adaptive methods and practices among the river basin communities.

In order to achieve greater awareness within society, the members of the nonprofit ACTIVATE feel that it is necessary to have a wider vision for our future and to work with others who share the same outlook on social engagement. As an art organization with ongoing projects that deal with the subject of water and the global water crisis, this can be best accomplished by creating new collaborations between the arts, scientific and academic communities.

With the researchers at The Cyprus Institute, the shared goal is to increase people’s understanding and concern for water, encourage people to become more involved and informed about the importance of water in their immediate surroundings, through creative strategies that connect Art and Science, and engage a wider public within our society

By cleaning up the trash in this area and restoring the natural beauty around the banks of the Tamassos Reservoir of the Pedieos River, they combine the shared mission of bringing awareness to water-related issues in Cyprus, while promoting community engagement in preserving our natural environment, in order to guarantee a sustainable future for the people and the ecosystems of the island.

At the Tamassos Dam clean-up site, The Cyprus Institute researchers will set up a climate-water activity: an interactive climate change info point for the public, through which they will propose thirty different water management options for adapting the Pedieos River Basin to climate change.

So, do join us for a morning of positive action at the Tamassos Dam, and have fun contributing to cleaning up around our river. Together we can participate in global environmental consciousness for World Water Day 2016!

Please note, gloves, trash bags and water to drink will be provided by the Community of Pera Orinis & snacks will be provided by BeWater Project.

International World Water Day Tamassos

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Additional Info

  • Time: 10.00-13.00
  • Venue: Tamassos Dam, Pera Orinis

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