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Assoc. Prof. Efthymia Nikita Appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Archaeological Science



CyI Assoc. Prof. Efthymia Nikita has been appointed as new co-Editor-in-Chief at Elsevier's Journal of Archaeological Science. After serving as Associate Editor, she has now made the step to co-Editor-in-Chief. This is a major achievement as Journal of Archaeological Science (JAS) is the global flagship journal of archaeological sciences.
In accepting her appointment, she noted that she is envisioning JAS as an agenda-setting outlet of thought-provoking, innovative research, which advances diverse methodological approaches while being relevant and embedded in a strong theoretical framework. “Importantly, JAS should reflect the highly diverse nature of archaeological science, thematically but also in terms of different research cultures globally. Archaeological Science is not for libraries and elite universities, but for all of humanity”, she highlighted in her message.
Efthymia Nikita is Associate Professor of Bioarchaeology at The Cyprus Institute. She studies human remains in the Mediterranean from prehistory to the Middle Ages, examining health, diet, mobility and other aspects of past life, often giving voice to people on the 'historical fringe', such as women and children. She has published over 90 papers and book chapters, including in 2017 the textbook Osteoarchaeology, which received an honourable mention from the Association of American Publishers. She is co-editor of the second edition of Elsevier's Encyclopaedia of Archaeology and she was awarded the 2022 Dan David Prize for her contribution to the study of the past.
Congratulations to Efthymia on her new position!

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