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CyI Joins the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Initiative


The Cyprus Institute (CyI) has joined, as a partner, the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative, which is the flagship cultural initiative of the European Commission for the implementation of the Green Deal for urban environments. The partnership will be coordinated by the CyI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office, to enable the required cross-disciplinary engagement of its research centres under the common NEB framework.
The NEB is a platform for experimentation, creativity, innovation and imagination, with the ultimate goal to influence the thinking and behaviours of society, markets and public procurement towards new sustainable and inclusive ways of living.
The main focus will be towards the concept of “beyond buildings”, by bridging the worlds of science, technology, art and cultural heritage to provide benefits to the whole of society. This initiative also acts as a design lab, accelerator and network in parallel, to enable experimentation to urban places and spaces where people could reimagine how to live better together, especially following the negative disruptive impact of the pandemic with respect to social cohesion.
The partnership with the New European Bauhaus, provides an opportunity for The Cyprus Institute to become an inspiring promoter in Cyprus and the region of the ideas that will be developed through this movement. It will empower the Institute with the appropriate pan-European vehicle to promote the transformation of the society towards living in a more sustainable, inclusive environment, as well as scout for people who can assist in the co-creation process of living spaces, behaviours and lifestyles.
Through the NEB, CyI will join co-creation processes that are necessary to generate inclusive and affordable quality solutions, while retaining the respect towards diverse perspectives and expertise. The new affiliation to NEB will be followed by the Institute’s participation to other prominent networks pursuing Innovation for Sustainability, and strengthens its leading position of such related activities in Cyprus and the region.