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CyI President, Prof. Stavros Malas Participates at the Cyprus Diaspora Forum


On Friday, 8th of March 2024, Prof. Stavros Malas participated in the panel discussion on Thinking and Working with Education at the Cyprus Diaspora Forum. The event was held at the Parklane Resort in Limassol.
The focus of this panel discussion was on the relevance of the Cypriot Diaspora in Educational Growth in their respective countries. Additionally, panellists discussed the crucial role in bridging the gap between Cyprus and the international community, as the world of international education is a melting pot of Cypriot individuals with a global perspective, who have been exposed to different cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and languages.
During the discussion the importance of enriching our local society through these professionals and broadening the academic experience in Cyprus, was highlighted. Panellists also discussed about Cyprus’ academic Institutions and research facilities, their approach to study and the cultivation of knowledge-based learning, and the benefits for foreign students.

The Cyprus Diaspora Forum, founded by Paul Lambis, is a four-day physical and virtual B2B event that will bring together Cypriot diaspora communities, prominent figures from Cyprus' public and private sectors, media, academia, and civic society with the goal of recognising and promoting the importance of Cyprus' diaspora while strengthening relations through entrepreneurship, innovation, philanthropy, cultural and social engagement.

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