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Cyprus to Gain Access to “DAEDALUS”, the New EuroHPC Supercomputing Infrastructure of Greece, via CyI Partnership


Cyprus, via The Cyprus Institute, will participate in the operational consortium of the new high-performance supercomputing system named “DAEDALUS” that will be installed in Greece.
This new supercomputer will be managed and operated by GRNET, the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology in Greece. “DAEDALUS” is expected to serve a wide range of the Greek and European scientific and academic community, industry and the public sector, and to trigger the development of new applications in a wide range of research subjects, such as Computational Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biomedicine, Meteorology, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
As a member of the consortium operating the new supercomputer, Cyprus will participate in the user technical support team and will receive access time on the supercomputer. In practice, this means Cypriot scientists, whose research requires computational resources, will be able to use the new system by receiving technical support from The Cyprus Institute. It is worth mentioning that Cyprus, via The Cyprus Institute, has taken part in a number of major e-infrastructure projects and has managed similar projects in the region. The National Supercomputing Infrastructure of Cyprus, “Cyclone”, is hosted at The Cyprus Institute and already provides access to computational resources to researchers in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe.
“DAEDALUS” will have computational power of at least 30 Petaflops, 60 times greater than the existing “ARIS” system, performing thirty million billion (that is, thirty quadrillion or 30,000,000,000,000,000) floating point operations per second. It will be hybrid, featuring both high-density central processing units (CPUs) and accelerator units with graphics cards (GPUs).
This performance is expected to place “DAEDALUS” in the list of top 500 systems in the world (TOP500) and also in the list of top energy efficient systems (GREEN500), strengthening Greece's position on the world map of scientific research. The total cost is estimated to reach EUR 50 million euros.
“DAEDALUS” is expected to be operational in mid-2025 and will be installed at the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park of the National Technical University of Athens - a listed facility of modern industrial heritage - with an overall area of 1500 m2.
More information about “DAEDALUS” can be found here.

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