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Dr Jacqueline Karageorghis, Renowned Archaeologist and Scholar of Cypriot History, Passes Away at 85

Jacqueline KaragheorghisWe mourn the passing of Dr Jacqueline Karageorghis, French-born archaeologist and renowned scholar of Cypriot history.

Her life-long passion for Cyprus, and in particular the myths around the goddess Aphrodite, have greatly enriched our knowledge and contributed to the understanding of Cyprus' role in the World. She was closely connected with The Cyprus Institute, and a founding member of the “Friends of the Cyprus Institute” association. She is survived by her husband of 65 years, Professor Vassos Karageorghis and their two children, Cleo and Andreas.

You can read a longer obituary here, and also watch a short video of her speaking on the subject of the traditions of Aphrodite during the Chalcolithic and the Bronze Age here.

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