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Innovative Ideas with the European Union’s Signature at sCYence Fair 2024

bannerThe Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus and EU Embassies Support sCYence Fair 2024!
The science festival “sCYence Fair”, organised annually by The Cyprus Institute is a unique opportunity for children of all ages to get to know science in a fun and educational way. Every spring, students from primary and secondary schools are invited to present their own innovative ideas and their scientific experiments, whereas the most innovative and effective ideas get rewarded.
The European Union pays particular attention to science with actions and programmes, such as Horizon Europe, the research and innovation programme with a budget well over 95 billion euros for the period 2021-2027; moreover, children are encouraged to get involved in technology, innovation and sciences.
The Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus supports once again this year’s science festival “sCYence Fair” 2024, and together with Embassies of EU Member States in Cyprus will be present at the fair with scientific activities, experiments and products that will bring children closer to real life, modern technology.
The Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus will participate in the fair, having its own booth, sharing information on the work of the European Commission.
The Embassy of Sweden will present Swedish companies with innovative solutions to deal with water scarcity and Climate Change: “Mimbox”, a solution for washing machines which greatly reduces water and electricity consumption as well as microplastic pollution. Orbital “space shower”, recirculates water used when showering, allowing you to take long and warm showers without precious heated water going to waste. Atlas Copco is a 150-year-old industrial company, which is at the forefront of sustainable innovation in Cyprus. Additionally, the Swedish Embassy will have a booth for info on the upcoming International competition about water for young students “Stockholm Junior Water Prize” 2025, in cooperation with Limassol Water Board.
The French Embassy will present an inspiring innovation that brings quest for sustainability, human health, engineering, biology and innovation all together, under the form of a plant! Neoplants, a French startup, created such a plant, leveraging the power of Nature to generate sustainable solution to a worldwide health matter. “Neo P1”, as it is called, is equivalent to up to 30 regular houseplants in terms of air purification. It also doesn’t store pollutants, as normal houseplants would do, but recycles them into useful metabolites.
The Finnish Embassy will present “Angry Birds”, a mobile game developed by a Finnish company Rovio, first released for iPhone in 2009. The mobile game quickly became a massive phenomenon worldwide after its release. The idea behind Angry Birds is simple – the player’s task is to use slingshot to fling angry birds into the pigs’ structures and oppress them. Although most people play Angry Birds for entertainment, the laws of physics are very much present. The angle of the slingshot and its extension determine the flight path of the birds; the basic bird flies horizontally at a steady speed, while vertically the speed accelerates. The game combines motion physics with problem solving.
The Hungarian Embassy will present introduce three unique cleaning products called Cycle, which are crafted from recycled and plant-based ingredients. The products are free of harsh chemicals and truly effective. The acetic acid and nutrients that are used in these products are brewed from biosolids.
The Embassy of the Netherlands will present different scientific experiments intended to be carried out by the visitors to the fair. It will involve water, batteries and balloons among other things.
The Embassy of Poland will present a fascinating augmented reality technology, an innovative sandbox allows users to create models of topography by manipulating real sand, creating a unique and interactive experience. Using advanced technologies such as 3D Kinect cameras, simulation and visualization software and data projectors, this tool offers realistic and compelling visualizations of topography and water.
The Greek Embassy will present the invention of “Advanced Perforated Mobile Plastic Beehive Base” (Anti-VARROA) that was selected and awarded in the 4th award of the Industrial Property Organization in 2021.

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