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Ministry of Labour Renews Certification of ‘Employer of Gender Equality’ for CyI


On Monday, 17th of May 2021, The Cyprus Institute was awarded the renewed certification of “Employer of Gender Equality” from the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance. This was the result of an application of The Cyprus Institute to the Ministry for renewing its certification, which was initially awarded in 2016.

The assessment conducted by the Ministry included the thorough review of the Institute’s HR practices and employment conditions, policies and procedures and concluded with interviews held with a number of the Institute’s staff members of all levels and categories. The specific certification takes place within the framework of the “Cyprus Certification Model” for the implementation of good practices in promoting Gender Equality at workplace.

This is an important recognition of the Institute’s commitment to promote equality and fairness within the workplace, which is considered a significant requirement by the European Commission for research institutions in Europe. A ceremony will be held in the near future where the Minister of Labor will award representatives of all certified organizations.

Encouragement of equality and of equal opportunities is a fundamental priority of employment policy, as The Cyprus Institute remains committed to promoting a culture of gender equality and diversity.

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