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Research Projects with Significant CyI Involvement Win Prestigious Awards at the Shanghai Archaeological Forum


Every two years, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences awards ten Archaeological Field Discovery Awards, within the framework of the Shanghai Archaeological Forum. This year, two of these  prestigious awards went to projects having significant CyI involvement.

In particular, University of Cambridge's “Keros” project, led by Professor Colin Renfrew and Dr Michael Boyd was awarded for its ground-breaking contributions to the understanding of early urban development in Bronze Age Europe. CyI Assistant Professor, Dr. Evi Margaritis, is also an assistant director of the Keros project, and leader of the “URBAN: The Antecedents of Urbanism in Europe” project, funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) under the ‘Excellence Hub’ program, which supports the Keros project.

An award also went to Dr. Abidemi Babalola for the discovery of an indigenous African glassmaking tradition in SW Nigeria, carried out as part of his doctoral research under the supervision of Professor Thilo Rehren, currently Director of the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute.  Dr. Babalola has been able to continue his research as a Research Affiliate at CyI, with the support of the Leventis Foundation.

Founded in 2013, the Shanghai Archaeology Forum (SAF) is a global initiative dedicated to promoting the investigation, protection and utilization of the world’s archaeological resources and heritage. The SAF Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have achieved distinction through innovative, creative, and rigorous works relating to our human past, and have generated new knowledge that has particular relevance to the contemporary world and our common future.

Dr Abidemi Babalola
Dr Abidemi Babalola
Prof Colin Renfrew and Dr Michael Boyd
Professor Colin Renfrew and Dr Michael Boyd

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