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Successful Completion of the First PROTEAS Winter School on Solar Concentration Technologies and Hybridization


In Decemeber 2023, The Cyprus Institute marked a significant milestone, as the Energy Department of our Energy, Environment & Water Research Center (EEWRC) researchers successfully conducted their first Winter School, an integral component, organized within the Treaty Project of the EIT HEI Initiative, along with the guidance of The Cyprus Institute’s Graduate School.

Dr. Marios Georgiou, Head of PROTEAS Facility of The Cyprus Institute, and Dr. Alaric Christian Montenon, Associate Research Scientist for Solar Thermal Concentration Technologies at The Cyprus Institute, led the sessions, delivering insightful lectures and hands-on training on cutting-edge technologies developed at Platform for Research, Observation, and Technological Applications in Solar Energy (PROTEAS).

The Winter School program, with a focal point on the polygenerative research facility PROTEAS, encompassed a comprehensive curriculum. Theoretical lectures covered a spectrum of topics, including hybridized solar concentration technologies, thermal energy storage, desalination technologies, micro-grids, hybrid storages, and environmental impacts. This theoretical foundation was complemented by hands-on training sessions, offering participants practical insights into the application of these technologies. A highlight of the program was an on-site tour and training session at PROTEAS, providing an immersive experience for the participants.

Participation in the Winter School was diverse, with participants hailing from various regions and backgrounds, including India, Egypt, Greece, alongside local from Cyprus. This diversity enriched the learning environment, fostering cross-cultural interactions and knowledge exchange.

The success of this inaugural Winter School underscores CyI’s Graduate School and Energy Department’s commitment to knowledge dissemination and international collaboration.

We look forward to building on this foundation for future winter schools, contributing to the advancement of research and education in the field of solar energy and sustainable technologies.

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