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U-SOLVE: Let’s Meet the Sub-Grantees

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In a significant development for the advancement of urban sustainable development, sustainable energy, and waste management, five promising start-up companies have recently signed contracts with The Cyprus Institute, the lead beneficiary partner of the U-SOLVE project. This initiative, generously funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme, aims to address pressing societal challenges through entrepreneurial innovation and the involvement of the creative sector.

Each of the five projects is driven by a resolute commitment to creating positive change and supporting societal progress. Notably, all five teams have prioritized the inclusion of women and/or youth (aged 24-35) in key leadership positions, fostering diversity and representation. Currently, a total of seven women and thirteen young individuals are actively engaged in executing these transformative projects.

The following entities have signed agreements to further develop their innovative business proposals:

1. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE EDUCATIONAL CENTER LTD – REC LTD with the Project: Precious Plastic Cyprus. REC LTD's mission revolves around harnessing the potential of plastic as a valuable resource for manufacturing, design, and crafts. They also aim to raise environmental awareness through educational events targeting makers, small businesses, students, teachers, and the broader community. Equipped with advanced machines capable of cleaning, shredding, and melting plastic waste, REC LTD strives to create innovative products from this abundant material. Their team also seeks to inspire others to establish their own creative workspaces.

2. KyklOIKOdromio with the Project: Circular Economy Actions for All. Dedicated to promoting circular economy initiatives, KyklOIKOdromio aims to engage citizens and repair and crafts centers. Their online platform, currently in development, will enable individuals to easily share, buy, or sell unused items, giving these products a second chance at life and preventing unnecessary waste. Additionally, KyklOIKOdromio is excited to establish Cyprus's first-ever Library of Things, where idle items can be transformed into valuable community resources.

3. DIAS CUSTOMS EV CONVERSIONS LTD with the Project: Sunny Charge Bike. DIAS CUSTOMS is aiming to introduce an innovative prototype through the U-SOLVE project: an electric bike equipped with deployable solar panels and a powerful battery system. This groundbreaking design not only allows the bike to charge itself but also other electric vehicles and components. The versatile Sunny Charge Bike holds particular promise for campers and individuals in isolated areas, providing them with electricity when needed.

4. iQ3Solar LTD with the Project: iQ3Solar photovoltaic monitoring application and website for homeowners. In their latest initiative, iQ3Solar focuses on fostering a sustainable future by developing a photovoltaic monitoring solution for homeowners. Through their user-friendly platform and website, iQ3Solar assists homeowners in maintaining their photovoltaic systems, prolonging their lifespan, and increasing energy production. By preventing premature replacements and reducing unnecessary costs, this initiative also contributes to the reduction of electronic waste in landfills.

5. Lilith’s Child with the Project: Our Future is Alive video game. Lilith’s Child is dedicated to developing an educational video game in the Greek language that fosters environmental awareness among young people aged 8-18. The game focuses on energy consumption and waste management, challenging players to navigate a futuristic environment and complete tasks aligned with each level's scenario to achieve specific goals.

Most of these start-ups commenced their initiatives in mid-October, and were granted two months and €10,000 to bring their proposals to life. As the U-SOLVE project draws to a close in December 2023, these entities are encouraged to evaluate their impact and explore avenues for future development and action. The teams are also invited to leverage the resources available at the NOUS HUB, a Knowledge Hub established in collaboration with the Strovolos Municipality in the Strovolos area.

We extend our best wishes for the success of these trailblazing start-ups as they embark on their transformative journeys towards a sustainable future.




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