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Visit by the Commissioner for the Environment

20210517 164448

On Monday, 17th of May 2021, the Commissioner for the Environment, Ms. Klelia Vasiliou, along with the Program Development and Management Officer for the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Kyriakos Shiakallis, visited The Cyprus Institute's premises. 

Hosting the meeting was CyI’s President, Prof. George Christophides, in the presence of  CyI's Assistant Vice President for International Relations, Dr Nicolas Jarraud, CyI's Associate Professor on Hydrology and Water Management, Adriana Bruggeman, CyI's Scientific Coordinator, Pierantonios Papazoglou, and CyI's Associate Research Scientist in Water and Natural Resource Management Research and Economics, Christos Zoumides.

Both Institutions signed an MoU in 2019 to work together on climate, water and sustainable development, and this meeting was an occasion to discuss these three issues of critical importance for Cyprus, as well as our broader contributions to meeting our targets for the Sustainable Development Goals more generally. More joint environmental activities are set to follow from this visit.


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