Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

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Web & Social Media Administrator +357 22 208716

Tim joined The Cyprus Institute in October 2015. He has an MSc in Information Systems and an honours Bachelor degree in Marketing. Tim has 18 years experience in IT. Prior to joining The Cyprus Institute he has held positions as web developer, database admin and project manager for private sector and governmental employers in Cyprus and UK.

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ATMO-ACCESS: Solutions for Sustainable Access to Atmospheric Research Facilities

PRECEPT: Portable and Cost-effective Particulate Matter Monitoring System

CoCO2: Prototype system for a Copernicus CO2

ART-SARS: Air Particle SARS Detection

NANO2LAB: Nanoparticle/Nanomaterial Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory

MAGNUM: Monitoring for Aerosol Particle Growth and Chemical Composition During New Particle Formation Events Using Miniaturized Lightweight Instruments