Afroditi Stefanou

Afroditi Stefanou

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Administrative Assistant +357 22 397 555

Afroditi Stefanou joined The Cyprus Institute in September 2018 as an Administrative Assistant at the Vice President for Operations Office.

Afroditi holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Evaluation (2014) and a Bachelor’s degree in Primary School Education (2012) from the University of Cyprus. As to her professional experience, she was involved as a European and Co-funded Projects Officer in the private sector working on several European Erasmus + Key Action 2 -in Vocational Education and Training- projects and AMIF projects. Also, she was involved as an educational/instructional officer in the European Erasmus + research projects (Key Action 3) of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (Department of Educational Technology), ATS2020-Assessment of Transversal Skills 2020 and MENTEP-Mentoring Technology Enhanced Pedagogy from 2016 to 2018.

In addition, she was part of the Educational Effectiveness Research Group of the University of Cyprus, working as a research associate-teaching assistant-special scientist in the Department of Education from 2012 to 2016, on several projects that have been conducted (e.g., Studying, Understanding and Assessing the quality of instruction in Mathematics through Analyzing Videotaped Lessons; Integrating Generic and Content-Specific Practices in Exploring the Association between the Quality of Instruction and Student Learning; Validating an Instrument for Measuring Primary Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching; Erasmus+ Key Action 2 research project  entitled ‘’PROMQE: Promoting Quality and Equity: A dynamic approach to school improvement’’).  Moreover, her work experience is expanded as a primary school teacher in the all-day voluntary primary school as well as a primary school instructor in the Project DRASE-Actions for School and Social Inclusion of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Afroditi has a published paper in 2014 in Teaching and Teacher Education journal entitled ‘’Using generic and content-specific teaching practices in teacher evaluation: An exploratory study of teachers’ perceptions’’.

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