Michalis Omirou

Michalis Omirou

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Adjunct Assistant Professor +357 22 208 600

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Michalis Omirou received a PhD in Soil Biology (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece) in 2010 and also holds BSc and MSc degrees in Agricultural Science (Aristoteleian University of Thessaloniki, Greece). He is the Principle Investigator in four on-going EU funded projects and has more than 40 publications in peer review journals and international conferences as well as strong international collaboration with high caliber Institutions and Universities.

His overarching goal within terrestrial molecular microbial ecology is to identify interactions among microbial communities, plants and anthropogenic activities that affect and be affected by climate change. His group uses a combination of modern molecular microbiology (e.g. quantitative PCR and next-generation sequencing) analytical chemistry (LC-MS ion trap) and bioinformatics techniques to answer the who, how many, how and where questions of terrestrial molecular ecology.

We are interested in examining the direct and intimate relationship between the activity and structure of the microbial community with plants and human activities, and how that signature may translate between environments, thus enhancing our understanding of the current processes that drive agricultural ecosystem ecology and functioning.

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