The President

Prof. Costas N. PapanicolasThe Cyprus Institute is led by Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas. He has been involved with The Cyprus Institute, ever since its inception in 2001. He was part of the body of academics that participated in the 2002 Congregation which laid the foundations and defined the scope for a new Research and Educational Institution in Cyprus.

Prof. Papanicolas served as the Principle Investigator for the feasibility study examining the establishment of The Cyprus Institute based on the prescribed directions that emerged from the 2002 Congregation.

He has been a Founding Member of the Board of Trustees of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF) and has served as Chair of the Institute’s Interim Governing Board.

In 2006, after an international search the CREF Board selected Prof. Papanicolas to become the Founding President of The Cyprus Institute and CEO of CREF. Prof. Papanicolas also holds a faculty position tenured with an active research interest in the fields of Solar Energy, Applications and Policy.