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DCH 402: Fundamentals of Digital Cultural Heritage

Course Title

Fundamentals of Digital Cultural Heritage

Course Code

DCH 402

Course Type




Year / Semester

1st / 1st (Subject to change)

Instructor’s Name

Sorin Hermon (lead instructor), George Artopoulos, Theodoros Christoudias, Dante Abate, Franco Niccolucci



Lectures / week

1 (1h)

Laboratories / week

1 (2h)

Course Purpose and Objectives

Introduce concepts of Cultural Heritage research based on digital tools and methods, along the research pipeline of data acquisition – archiving – processing – interpretation – publication, through a variety of examples covering the broad spectrum of Cultural Heritage.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain knowledge on key components and structure of research, how to choose the most suitable technologies and methods to be employed for achieving the research goals and how to perform such research in a multi-disciplinary environment.



 Requirements  -

Course Content

Introduction to Digital Cultural Heritage, its research agenda, methods and aims. Development of a research pipeline in DCH, basic concepts in computational photography, photogrammetry and imaging, 3D documentation and shape analysis, basic notions in computer graphics, computer vision and virtual research environments.

Teaching Methodology

Frontal lectures, laboratory work and applied research


  1. Fiona Cameron, Sarah Kenderdine. Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage.
  2. Ian Ruthven, G. G. Chowdhury. Cultural Heritage Information: Access and Management.
  3. Herminia Din, Steven Wu. Digital Heritage and Culture: Strategy and Implementation.
  4. Lindsay W. MacDonald. Digital Heritage: Applying Digital Imaging to Cultural Heritage.
  5. Rogerio-Candelera, M. Lazzari, M. and Cano, E., Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage.


75% exam; 25% coursework



Publications & Media