Program Overview

"As a student in the MSc Simulation and Data Science program, I had the opportunity to take lot of interesting courses, which gave me a significant advantage in my career. It's not only about the new tools I've mastered, but my thought process that was completely transformed."

Elena Papadiofantous
SDS Master’s Alumna


Simulation and Data Science is a unique course in Cyprus that combines Simulation with the new field of Data Science. As computers speed up and instruments and sensors become more advanced, the amount of data collected is increasing exponentially, needing large-scale computing to analyse it. All disciplines, such as environmental, biological, chemical, physical sciences, financial economics, and the humanities are generating massive amounts of data, and only by using computational and data science we can address the current and future data challenges.

The Master of Science in Simulation and Data Science is a program that will provide a unique interdisciplinary approach to solve critically important problems, using applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics and computing. Through modeling, simulation, data mining, and study of specific phenomena via computer analysis, students will learn to apply computation and data analytics to gain new insights.


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The objective of the program is to prepare students for a career as computational and data scientists in the private or public sector in fields such as physical sciences, life sciences, environmental science, health, medicine, and digital humanities. Students may also pursue doctoral studies in a variety of computational and data science related fields.

Combining theoretical with practically focused training in mathematical and statistical modeling, machine learning, feature engineering, programming, data management and visualization, the Master of Science in Simulation and Data Science program aims to provide a well-rounded education for students who wish to advance in the data science field.


Degree Awarded

Students who graduate form the program will be awarded an MSc degree. This is a one year / 90 ECTS program.  The program is accredited by The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.

The language of instruction and communication of The Cyprus Institute is English.

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Career Prospects

Program alumni will be prepared for a career as computational and data scientists in the private or public sector in fields such as environmental science, health, medicine, digital humanities, market modeling.

Qualified students may continue on to a PhD, which offers generous financial support options.


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Program Structure and Requirements

MSc Degree
Term 1 (Fall Semester) ECTS
3 Mandatory Courses 30 
Term 2 (Spring Semester) ECTS
1 Mandatory Course 10
2 Elective Courses 20
Term 3 (Summer Period) ECTS
Research Project including submission of Master's Thesis and Viva* 30
*The Research Project can start earlier following a discussion and approval of the Supervisor.

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Program Courses

Mandatory Courses  ECTS
SDS 401 Mathematical Modeling and Algorithms 10
SDS 402 Introduction to High Performance Computing 10
SDS 403 Fundamentals of Data Science and Statistics 10
SDS 404 Machine Learning and its Applications 10
Elective Courses
SDS 416 Visualization and Advanced Data Structures 10
SDS 417 Advanced Computer Architectures 10
SDS 418 Deep Learning Approaches 10
SDS 419 Modeling and Simulation for Scientific Applications 10

Students who continue on to a PhD at The Cyprus Institute may have certain course requirements waived.

The Cyprus Institute Graduate School reserves the right to make any changes to the program upon approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.


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