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The Cyprus Institute in realizing its educational mission it offers Doctoral Degrees to a small, highly selective group of young scientists aspiring to become tomorrow’s leaders in academia and research.

In The Cyprus Institute Doctoral Program students, can expect to experience:

  • An educational environment where excellence in education and research are fostered through interdisciplinary collaborations addressing regional problems of global significance.
  • Cooperation with prominent scientists and researchers who excel in their disciplines and who are committed to promote regional and global cooperation and understanding through education and research.
  • A collegiate spirit which understands the Institute as a locus of excellence for students and scholars from all countries regardless of race, religion or nationality.
  • Tutorship in exceptional and demanding curricula that will provide them with the theoretical and applied knowledge necessary to equip them to lead tomorrow’s knowledge frontier.
  • Be challenged with a wide variety of concepts and approaches and enforce international standards of excellence in their relevant field of studies.

The Cyprus Institute admits students with intellectual drive and capabilities matched to the demanding goals and requirements stated above. Those who expect to be admitted ought to:

  • posses excellent analytical skills and are able to understand problems and propose solutions;
  • have good communication skills and be able to explain their ideas;
  • be capable of working diligently on difficult original projects;
  • have the ability to set their own goals and manage their own time;
  • have shown promise that they can perform well in a very demanding intellectual environment and be inspired by the vision and the goals of our program so as to commit to its requirement and rigor.

The Cyprus Institute Graduate School was awarded the ERASMUS Charter for Higher Education 2014 - 2020 and the Institute agrees to comply with the following fundamental principles of Erasmus mobility:

  • Mobility shall be carried out only within prior inter-institutional agreements (in the case of student placements: within prior agreements between the Institution and the organizations where the placements are carried out);
  • No university fees for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities are to be charged to in-coming Erasmus students
  • Full recognition shall be given to students for satisfactorily completed activities specified in the compulsory Learning Agreements and Placement Agreements.

The Institution also agrees:

  • to ensure the highest quality in the organization of student and staff mobility
  • to ensure the highest quality in the organization of student placements
  • to ensure that curriculum information is up to date, easily accessible and transparent
  • to ensure that an academic credit transfer system (ECTS or similar) gives transparency to the recognition procedures
  • to ensure equal academic treatment and services to home and Erasmus students
  • to support the integration of visiting Erasmus students in the Institution's activities
  • to provide incoming Erasmus students and their home institutions with transcripts containing full, accurate and timely information at the end of their mobility period abroad
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