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CoS 516: Computer Graphics and Data Exploration


Computer Graphics is an innovative course which will expose students to cutting edge graphics and animation technologies, interactive media design principles, product development methodologies, and entrepreneurship. Creating computer-generated imagery requires a blending of art with science; the course equips students with the interdisciplinary skills needed for 3D Visualization, computer animation and computational science and engineering.


  • Introduction to basic mathematical tools and computational techniques for modeling, rendering, and animating 3-D scenes
  • Advanced methods for representing, displaying, and rendering two-, three-, and four-dimensional scenes
  • General algebraic curves and surfaces, splines, Gaussian and bump-function representation
  • Fractals, particle systems, constructive solid geometry methods
  • Lighting models, radiosity, advanced ray-tracing methods
  • Surface texturing animation techniques
  • Data visualization methods
  • Dimensionality reduction methods