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COS 516: Computer Graphics and Data Exploration

Course Title

Computer Graphics and Data Exploration

Course Code

COS 516

Course Type




Instructor’s Name

Theodoros Christoudias



Lectures / week

2 (75 min. each)

Laboratories / week


Course Purpose and Objectives

Computer Graphics is an innovative course which will expose students to cutting edge graphics and animation technologies, interactive media design principles, and development methodologies.

Learning Outcomes

Creating computer-generated imagery requires a blending of art with science; the course equips students with the interdisciplinary skills needed for 3D Visualization, computer animation and computational science and engineering.



Background Requirements

Familiarity with the Python or C/C++ or Fortran programming languages

Course Content

Visualization pipeline, data sources and data types, transformation and filtering of data, techniques for visualizing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd scalar data, marching cube algorithm, rendering systems and methods, ray-tracing, perception and color, color models, visualizing vector field data, information visualization of physical and abstract data, aesthetics and techniques in graphical design.

Introduction to basic mathematical tools and computational techniques for modeling, rendering, and animating 3-D scenes

Advanced methods for representing, displaying, and rendering two-, three-, and four-dimensional scenes

Data visualization methods

Dimensionality reduction methods

Teaching Methodology

Lectures. Seminars. Case studies. Literature Reviews. Short Projects.


Interactive Computer Graphics, Edward Angel and Dave Shreiner, ISBN 0-13-254523-3

The VTK User's Guide, Published by Kitware, Inc., ISBN 978-1-930934-23-8

The Paraview Guide: A Parallel Visualisation Application, Published by Kitware, Inc., ISBN 978-1930934306

IPython Interactive Computing and Visualization Cookbook, Packt Publishing


The following assessment methods will be combined for the final grade:

Weekly homework assignments


Written final exam