EAS 508: Hydrological Processes

The hydrological cycle and its associated processes represent a major mechanism for the exchange of energy, matter and momentum between the components of the Earth System. The hydrological cycle also controls and balances water availability for the biosphere including man.

Climate changes will have major impacts on the individual elements of this cycle as well as on the overall fate of water in its different forms and aggregate states. Conversely, processes associated with the hydrological cycle will influence the fate and characteristics of climate on a regional to global scale.

With this seminar, students will gain a better understanding of the fundamental elements and processes related to the global hydrological cycle and their relationships to other components of the Earth System and the state of global climate. This will also include numerical modeling methodologies, including water quality modeling, from the medium to the advanced level.



  • Characteristics of the hydrological cycle and its major elements
  • Important exchange processes between the hydrosphere and other components of the global system
  • Feedbacks and interactions between the hydrological system and the global climate system and their assessments
  • Basic and advanced concepts and methodologies in hydrological modeling