EAS 516: Climatology of the Mediterranean


Course Title

Climatology of the Mediterranean

Course Code

EAS 516

Course Type




Instructor’s Name

Panos Hadjinicolaou



Lectures / week

1 (2.5h)

Laboratories / week


Course Purpose and Objectives

The Mediterranean and the surrounding areas are expected to be a region most impacted by global climate change. This course will present an in depth overview of the present and past climate of the region (and the analytical methods for determining it) and potential future scenarios through regional climate models. The region is strongly influenced through the global circulation and this will be investigated by examining large-scale patterns and tele-connections. Additionally, the direct impact of climate change on the different physical components of the Earth system throughout the past and the present will be addressed in detail.

Learning Outcomes

Obtain a holistic view of the Mediterranean climate system

Acquire the knowledge of the key challenges arising from climate change

Connect it with their individual research topics



Background Requirements


Course Content

Major characteristics of the Mediterranean Basin and its climate characteristics

Past and present climate conditions in the Mediterranean and their assessment through paleo-climatology and paleo-climatological methodologies

Linkages between Mediterranean climate and global atmospheric circulation patterns

An introduction to climate modeling and regional climate models for the Mediterranean and the MENA region

Major impacts of climate change on environmental components of the Mediterranean Basin and adjacent regions

Teaching Methodology

Lectures. Seminars


The Mediterranean region under climate change - A scientific update,

Jean-Paul Moatti and Stéphane Thiébault (ed.), 2016, IRD Éditions, marseille, 10.4000/books.irdeditions.22908


Home assignment (paper review) and class presentation