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EAS 516: Climatology of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean and the surrounding regions are expected to be particularly strongly affected by global climate change. This course will present an overview of the past and present climate of the region and the analytical methods employed for determining paleo-climate conditions. We will also introduce potential future scenarios through regional climate models.

The region is strongly influenced by global circulation patterns and tele-connections. The course will provide insight into such large-scale circulation patterns through multivariate analysis. Additionally, the direct impact of climate change on the different environmental components of the Earth system throughout the past and the present with a focus on the Mediterranean Basin is addressed.


  • Major characteristics of the Mediterranean Basin and its climate characteristics
  • Past and present climate conditions in the Mediterranean and their assessment through paleo-climatology and paleo-climatological methodologies
  • Linkages between Mediterranean climate and global atmospheric circulation patterns
  • An introduction to climate modeling and regional climate models for the Mediterranean and the MENA region
  • Major impacts of climate change on environmental components of the Mediterranean Basin and adjacent regions