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Panos Hadjinicolaou

Panos Hadjinicolaou

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Associate Professor +357 22 208627

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Panos has contributed to EU and national projects in the UK on global atmospheric chemistry modelling and his work on dynamically-induced stratospheric ozone trends has appeared in WMO Ozone Depletion Assessments. He has coordinated and carried out modelling work in national research projects in Cyprus and Greece on regional climate modelling and indices of climate extremes.


Research expertise

Global atmospheric chemistry and regional climate modelling; Dynamical downscaling of past, present and future climate; Indices and impacts of climate change extremes; Stratospheric ozone depletion, trends and future recovery.


Current research

The Climate System Processes (CliSP) group investigates the drivers and evolution of climate at different spatial and temporal scales. Current research topics include the optimization of the choice of physical parameterizations in regional climate simulations, with a focus on land surface and planetary boundary layer processes; urban heat island characterization and mechanisms to quantify urbanization effects with climate change; regional climate change and atmospheric circulation.



BSc in Physics University of Athens 1993, MSc Atmospheric Sciences University of East Anglia 1994, PhD Atmospheric Modelling University of Cambridge 2001



Research Assistant and Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2001- 2005, University of Cambridge, UK Post-doctoral Researcher, 2005-2006, University of Athens, Greece Assistant Professor, 2006-2008, Frederick University, Cyprus

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