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Melina Moleskis

Melina Moleskis

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Post-Doctoral Fellow +357 22 397 582

Dr Melina Moleskis is a behavioral economist focusing on managerial decision-making: she combines management science, economics and psychology to understand, with analytical rigor and empirical depth, when and why people make flawed decisions. And from there, how they can make better ones. As such, her work centers on using behavioral science to improve the process, and results, of decision-making in organizations, from the private to the public sector.

Melina holds a PhD & MSc from IESE Business School (Spain) - Department of Managerial Decision Sciences, Master in Business Administration (MBA) from New York University - Stern School of Business (USA) with a specialization in Strategy, and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Economics (BSc) from the London School of Economics (UK).

She has worked for a decade at Ernst & Young, Fertilizers Europe and PwC as an Economist, Researcher and Strategy Consultant. Indicatively, some of the projects she contributed to include the government plan for the transformation of Cyprus into a technology hub (pole of attraction for foreign technology companies) and impact studies on the effect of various government policies, as well as the pandemic, on various sectors of the local economy.

She is a certified corporate trainer, visiting lecturer and regular columnist at The Decision Lab, Insider and Forbes. She also co-leads the European chapter of the Global Association for Applied Behavioral Science (GAABS).

Her research interests include Behavioral Science topics with applications in various disciplines such as Managerial Decision-Making, Technology Adoption, Communication, Innovation, Strategy, Education, Sustainability, Organizational Behavior and Consumer Behavior.


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