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Christos Zoumides

Christos Zoumides

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Research Scientist +357 22 208607

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Christos joined the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) of the Cyprus Institute as a Post-doctoral Fellow in Water Management in May 2014.

He has an interdisciplinary background as he holds a double-major B.Sc. in Economics and Environmental Science from the University of Stirling (2007), and an M.Sc. (with Distinction) in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh (2008). He received his Ph.D. in 2014 from the Cyprus University of Technology, with his thesis focusing on quantitative methods and tools for sustainable agricultural water management, using Cyprus as a case-study. He has been working on FP7 and H2020 research projects funded by the European Commission (BEWATER, RECARE, BINGO), as well as on projects funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (AGWATER, INNOMED). He was also the national delegate for Cyprus in the COST Action ES1106 EURO-AGRIWAT (2012-2016).

At the EEWRC Christos works on facilitating communications between science and society to operationalize the concept of ecosystems services, as well as on analysing and mapping costs, benefits and trade-offs of water and land management practices and climate change adaptation options.


Research Interests

Water management; stakeholder participation; economics of water; rural policy; socio-economic impacts of climate change; water footprint and virtual water trade; sustainability indicators.



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