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Christos Zoumides

Christos Zoumides

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Research Scientist +357 22 208607

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Christos Zoumides is a Research Scientist at the Water Department of the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC). He has been working at the Cyprus Institute since May 2014.

Christos holds a PhD in Environmental Management from the Cyprus University of Technology (2014), an MSc (with Distinction) in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh (2008), and a BSc in Economics and Environmental Science from the University of Stirling (2007). Following his academic studies, he has been working in multiple European (RECARE, BEWATER, BINGO, PRIMA-REACT4MED, SELINA) and National research projects (AGWATER, INNOMED, 3PRO-TROODOS). He also actively participates in past and ongoing COST actions (EURO-AGRIWAT, SMILES).

His research interests focus on bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and societal needs, aiming to advance the understanding of environmental and socio-economic dynamics in semi-arid environments. His work revolves around operationalizing the concept of ecosystem services, alongside the analysis and mapping of costs, benefits and trade-offs of water and land management practices, and climate change adaptation options.


Research Interests

Water management; stakeholder participation; economics of water; rural policy; socio-economic impacts of climate change; water footprint and virtual water trade; sustainability indicators.



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