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Nikos Mihalopoulos

Nikos Mihalopoulos

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Professor +357 22 208601

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Nikos Mihalopoulos received a PhD from the Paris 7 University in 1989. His thesis subject was "Biogeochemical cycling of carbonyl sulfide, COS”. He worked at Wuppertal University (1990) and CEA-CNRS, France (1991) before joining Crete University as Assistant (1993), Associate and then full Professor (2003). In 2012 he joined the Cyprus Institute as EEWRC Professor. He has more than 25 years of experience in atmospheric chemistry and physics and he is author of about 160 publications and more than 400 presentations at international conferences devoted to atmospheric chemistry and physics.


Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry and physics with emphasis on aerosol physicochemical characterization and oxidation capacity of the Mediterranean atmosphere, Global Biogeochemical Cycles of nutrients (N, P) and trace metals, Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

Publications & Media